We are the Vosburgh family, operating a multi-generational farm, Almost Paradise Farm. We chose this as our farm name because we firmly believe that while the farm involves a lot of daily, hard work, living off the land with our family is truly Almost Paradise.

We hope you enjoy our healthy, lean, flavorful beef as much as we do. It is our pleasure to present vosburgers— delicious beef from our family farm to your family’s table.


Farm to Fork

We want you to have a true farm to fork experience. Our beef are born and raised on our family farm, then rotationally grazed through our pastures. We operate within a holistic management system where our beef are both hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Unlike some farms, we do not purchase feed lot animals to process under our name and represent them as our grass-fed beef. Our beef are all given access to as much fresh, green grass in the growing months as they desire. In the winter months, they have continual access to quality hay. Farmers doing rotational grazing with their beef are often referred to as grass farmers more than beef farmers, because of the need for intensive land management. We consider raising quality food and managing our family land a great honor and responsibility.



Our Beef

We began raising grass-fed beef because we wanted to provide healthy, nutritionally dense meat for our own family. We know how important it is to know where your meat comes from, what it is fed, and how it is raised. Why do we raise American Red Devon? We were on a mission to find the best possible beef to raise for our own family— a breed that excelled on grass and were docile enough for our children to work with. American Red Devon was that breed. What started with one Devon cow has now turned into a beautiful herd of almost sixty Devon cattle enjoying fresh air and eating a salad bar of green grass, as they are rotationally grazed over our hundred acre farm.

Devon have been in America since the 1600’s. They are known for their moderate frame, docile disposition, longevity, fertility, maternal ability, and carcass value. Devon have been often referred to as “supreme beef on grass” for their ability to produce some of the finest beef on pasture. It has been our joy and pleasure to experience this fabulous breed, both in our field and on our table.